One month In

One month In

Hey ya’ll,

So I’ve been living in Nashville now a little over a month and I’ve already met a lot of really cool people- I’ve been working with a band called The Lost Trailers, co-wrote with Nancy Peacock and Queenie Mullinix, and also started working on a new project with my memphis buddy, Jamie Randolph! I’ve also done a handful of shows with my friend/guitarist Alex Kramer and an artist named Charley Woods, so thankfully I’ve been staying busier than I was in L.A.

Since I’ve been living here, I’ve decided to try my hand at producing and I’ve decided to make a new section called “Other” for songs that I want to pitch to other artitsts and don’t intend to release as my own. In my last post, I released a song called “Hold You Close” that was my second attempt at writing and producing pop/country. Today, I’m releasing another one called “Ready To Fall”, which is my shot at something like Keith Urban or Taylor Swift. I am definitely, by NO means a country singer, but I ended up singing on this track just for demo purposes.

Hope you enjoy!!!

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