Half A Year Later

Half A Year Later

Well not exactly half a year, but close enough…LONG TIME NO TALK!

Since my last post, I worked at FedEx for awhile until I could get my feet on the ground¬†and now I’m finally back to playing music full time! In the last few months, I’ve met and reconnected with some great people here in Nashville and now Im playing tour dates with two different artists: Big Smo, a country rapper on Warner Records and Gimm + Icky, a dance/rap duo signed to a publishing deal on HitShop Records. I’ve also been doing some recording with The Lost Trailers and they’re even considering using one of my songs on their next release!

Aside from all that, I’ve been producing a song for an artist named Nicole Barkaszi (think Fiona Apple+ Panic At The Disco) and trying to get my foot in the door of the Nashville session scene. PLUS, I just released a new song called “Messed Up Bad” that I cowrote with my good friend Craig Davis (http://www.craigdavismusic.com) and we liked the result so much we decided to start a new duo called AU Crucible, so be on the lookout for more material soon. AAAANNNNNDDD I’m finally starting to work on more solo material…

Be safe, and until next time-


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